A Comprehensive List of the Most Popular Marijuana Edibles on the Market Today

As marijuana becomes legal in more and more places in the United States, more and more people are drawn to the idea of trying it. And for good reason.

Edibles pack in quite a few benefits. Plus, they’re fun to eat. But what are the most popular edible foods on the market? This is a great question for people who are just getting started on their own edibles journey. Just for clarification, edibles are technically foods or beverages that are infused with THC. 

And for those of you who aren’t quite sure what that is, THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana—the one that gets you high and makes you feel a sense of euphoria. When you consume edibles infused with THC, you tend to get a very strong and powerful cannabis high, which is pretty awesome. 

So in this blog post, you’re going to learn about some of the most popular types of edibles available on the market today. 

Here are the best types of edibles to try if you’re thinking about trying them for the first time

1. Baked Goods 

The most stereotypical example of a cannabis edible is probably brownies. 

Brownies are an example of a perfect type of baked good that you can use THC with to infuse and create cannabis edibles. 

Baked goods are awesome for this because they are tasty, and they also make it easy to bake THC-infused butter or oil into the ingredient list. 

Nowadays, you can even buy pre-baked cookies, brownies, muffins, and more from local marijuana dispensaries. 

Baked goods are a fantastic way to try THC-infused foods. 

2. Candy 

From mints to chewable, to hard candy—there are plenty of cannabis-infused sweets that’ll not only taste good but also get you pretty high at the same time. 

Most of these candies are basically just oral edibles that contain a healthy dose of THC. 

The hard ones are designed to be sucked on like any other hard candy, while the soft ones are designed to be eaten as normal. 

Just be careful. It can be easy to overdo the THC content with candies.  

3. Gummies 

There are a surprising number of delicious THC gummies available on the marketplace. 

They come in a wide range of different shapes, and they can also feature many different types of flavors. 

Once again, gummies can be unexpectedly powerful in terms of THC content. 

So just make sure that you’re paying attention to the THC content before consuming too many of them to avoid getting so high that you’re uncomfortable. 

If you’re not sure how much THC you should be ingesting, perhaps consider asking for guidance at the dispensary or looking up some basic dosing guidelines online. 

4. Chocolate 

There are plenty of different types of chocolate that are infused with THC. 

You can buy white chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate, and other different types of chocolate that are already infused from dispensaries.

Or, you can get your own chocolate and infuse it with THC yourself. 

5. Drinks 

Cannabis-infused beverages are actually increasing in popularity, especially as people learn that they can feel a lot better after THC-infused drinks than after drinking alcoholic drinks.

THC doesn’t leave you with a nasty hangover. It also doesn’t dehydrate you like alcohol does. 

Obviously, you still can’t drink and drive after drinking a THC drink. But they’re fun to drink, and they’re much easier to recover from than their alcoholic counterparts.

6. Cannabis Butter

Using butter as a foundation to add cannabis to foods works really well—because THC basically needs fat to bond to before you can ingest it and get high, due to the fact that it’s fat soluble. 

However, some people actually eat straight THC butter to get high. 

Note that this is a pretty extreme type of food to eat just to get cannabis high, but it technically counts as an edible—and more people do it than you might realize.


There you have it. A comprehensive list of the most popular types of marijuana edibles on the market. Trying any edibles from this list will likely yield very positive results. Now, all that’s left is to try them out yourself. Experimentation is the key to finding the edibles that work perfectly for you.

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