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We believe that publishers do not need to be academician or professional grade writers to promote their piece of content on this platform. If you think you can provide unique, well-researched, and informative content related to guitars and music, you are warmly welcome to share your publication.

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We are looking for unique and user-friendly 750 to 1000 words of content written with creative thinking. Your blog post must have the following attributes:

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“No compromise on quality” is our motto, and we want you to offer us unique and plagiarism-free content, which is equally good for visitors and search engines.

  • 750 to 1000 words

It is a well-known fact that users do not love those pieces of content which are both lengthy and short. So, write to solve the reader’s query rather than writing out of context.

  • Sufficient use of media

Articles must be loaded with enough images, videos, infographics, GIFs, etc., as blog posts without media are not engaging.

  • Use of 3rd party sources and examples

Adding a reference to a quality 3rd party source in the post is encouraged as it significantly boosts the audience’s interest level and credibility of the provided information.

Missing Link Records is looking forward to giving a try to engaging, inspiring, interesting, and educational articles on:

  • Guitar
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  • Educational and Research posts on Music and Guitar

Every post must meet the criteria of the following areas:

  • Engage
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  • Educate

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