How to Safely Use CBD Hemp Oil and Avoid Drug Test Fails

Cannabis has been used for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual purposes by numerous civilizations. Its use as a drug test is not new either; many individuals test positive for cannabis metabolites in their urine or bloodstream when they are using the drug. Despite cannabis’ addictive nature, it is still widely used due to its calming effects and mind-altering properties. The positive impact cannabis has on its users is well-known, but that does not mean it is without its side effects. One of the most common cannabis side effects is drug testing failure. Whether you are aware of drug testing or not, knowing how cannabis oil affects drug tests is important to have in mind. This blog will cover all things cannabis testing related, including how cannabis hemp oil affects drug test results and tips for safe use.

How Do Cannabis Drug Tests Work?

Drug tests for cannabis use are conducted in many ways. Hair, urine, blood, and saliva testing all have their own strengths and weaknesses and the test result depends on the substance being tested for.

Urine testing is the most common drug test method used. It can be performed using a urine test strip or a urine drug test meter, depending on the type of test used. Urine drug testing is a reliable test as it can detect traces of THC metabolites in the body within minutes to days of use. However, this test cannot detect marijuana use that occurred weeks or months earlier. Saliva testing is another popular drug testing method because it provides quick and convenient results at affordable rates. The drawback of this test is that it can only provide detection for a very short period of time.

Hair drug tests are also popular, especially when legal matters arise. They offer fast and accurate results that take longer than saliva tests to detect the use of cannabis products.

How Does CBD Hemp Oil Affect Drug Tests?

CBD hemp oil is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. In terms of drug testing, it does not contain any of the properties that make marijuana addictive and prone to causing psychoactive effects. As such, it is not metabolized by the body and has no effect on the test subject’s state of mind or cognitive function.

However, drug tests are designed to test for THC, the compound that makes Marijuana addictive and causes its psychoactive effects. If a drug test detects any level of THC in your body, you are likely to fail it as CBD hemp oil contains negligible amounts of THC. Despite this, choosing CBD products with low or no amount of THC content can ensure safety and avoid failed drug tests.

Tips for Safe Use of CBD Hemp Oil and Avoiding Drug Test Fails

Cbd oil is a popular health product derived from hemp, not marijuana. It’s not associated with psychoactive properties and doesn’t contain THC, the primary psychoactive chemical in marijuana.

In most cases, cannabidiol oil does not test positive for cannabinoids like THC in drug tests. However, factors like the amount of oil consumed, metabolism rate, and other factors can affect how long it stays in your system.

Therefore, if you’re using cannabidiol oil for medical reasons or as a recreational drug, it’s important to be aware of the products you’re consuming and use full-spectrum products with up to 3% THC content. This will help you avoid potential drug test failures.

Reasons You Could Fail a Cannabis Drug Test When Using CBD Hemp Oil

You could fail a cannabis drug test when using CBD hemp oil if the product contains THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and can be found in products labeled CBD.

When using CBD hemp oil, it’s important to choose high-quality, pure products that contain CBD isolate, not whole-plant or cannabis oil. This will protect you from failing a drug test due to any traces of THC found in the product.

To prevent yourself from failing a drug test when using CBD hemp oil, opt for only high-quality, pure products that contain CBD isolate from a reputable company. This will ensure you’re free from any trace amounts of cannabinoids and won’t risk causing a false positive result on a drug test.


The only way to ensure that you pass a drug test is to follow a drug-free lifestyle. If you’re struggling with drug use, it’s best to seek professional help in the form of drug rehab and counseling. CBD hemp oil is completely legal and safe for human consumption. However, using too much of it and not enough sleep could result in side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, and upset stomach. You can learn more about how to use CBD hemp oil safely here.

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