A Guide to Wildlife Road Trip: Exploring Nature Wonders

When you are tired of routine and grey weekdays, a wildlife road trip is a reason and a perfect choice for a vacation. Nature’s environment causes positive changes in mental and general health because of the dissimilar scenery around you. In Great Britain, travelers drown in the atmosphere of majestic forests, breathtaking landscapes and wonderful highlands. Before the trip, visitors should realize that this one needs even more preparation than usual, so our guide will help you do your best and take everything for the best adventure.

Define your route

The first step is researching to create the proper routing. Spatial orientation should be different in the area you see the first time, so don’t neglect this point. Let’s consider a popular example in Great Britain.

Caingoroms offer rewilding retreats in the North-East of Scotland. The place of harmony, where people and nature are thriving together. The average duration lasts from a couple of days to a week through at least five destinations:

  • Aviemore
  • Tomintoul
  • Rothiemurchus
  • Ballater
  • Pitlochry

There are many more ready ideas that suit to traveler’s interests and desires. Click here to see more options. Do the overview of nature discovery UK regions and specify wishes for yourself to define what’s more interesting, birdwatching, camping, or both?

Be prepared for weather conditions

The climate of the Albion is considered to be foggy and wet year-round, according to the stereotypes. But things are different, although you should be prepared well and keep handy coats, vets and ponchos. The UK climates are maritime and humid, but they vary in dependence on season. Please, count on, that nature exploration may need some patience due to weather conditions, so you should be ready. Springs are really variable from unexpected chilly days to frequent showers, but it’s the best time for birdwatching. Meanwhile, winter temperature lies between 0°C to 10°C, which is perfect for watching snowfalls and waterfowl spots on the coasts. Summer and autumn are both pleasant with an opportunity to observe a wider range of animals, especially deer. Weather forecasts became the best friends of travelers. Stay tuned for updates by downloading “Local Weather – Live radar” from any suitable app platform.

Learn some rules for safe ecotourism

Ecotourism is very different from usual because journeyers are taking the responsibility to treat nature securely and not disturb their inhabitants. It’s a conscious trip, that shows how to co-exist harmonically without harm. These tips will be useful in practice:

  • Feeding wildlife is strictly forbidden. Animals are used to their usual diet, new products may poison them. Also, they can start associating food with humanity and behave aggressively when someone appears in the visual field.
  • Never litter anything, because even biodegradable staff causes dangerous pollution for flora and fauna. Thrown bottles easily become a deadly trap for birds. Prepare some bags for keeping the trash out of nature or dispose of it in special bins.
  • When taking photos, turn off the flash and choose natural lighting. Otherwise, animals will be frightened. For night shoots, use the low mode of flash.
  • Don’t ignore designated trails and stay quiet. That’s safety, at first, and secondly, a way to save sensitive vegetation in the protected areas.
  • The main rule: stick to small groups, obey the signs, and just observe. Be calm and mindful. Remember, even a careless touch can destroy the system. Lead to diseases for our smaller ones, for example.

Choose transportation option

Unfortunately, public transportation can’t fulfill all the needs of the wildlife trip and it brings more problems than facilities. Getting lost or just becoming tired fast may spoil the enjoyment. A variety of cars for hire UK propose suitable options to move around freely, without schedules or restricted access. 9-seater car gives true freedom without any frames, so only you are deciding where and when to go. 9-seater car hire means being protected from pickpockets, the rain, and most importantly, stress in a new location. The hire agency policy is completely customized for clients’ demands, including any budget, so you are welcome to pick it up there or at another site. Driving will undoubtedly be a memorable aspect of the journey as well, given how stunning the surrounding area is.

Top scenic drives to get exited

  • Isle of Mull, Scotland. The road and cold sea air are surrounded by mountains, red deer, wild goats and otters. If you are so attentive, you can catch the basking shark playing in the waters. It’s an exact reflection of the breathtaking Scottish natural atmosphere, described in the literature.
  • Dartmoor National Park, England. The size of the territory is equal to 20,000 football pitches. Drive through unique boardless landscapes and deep river valleys, watching the poneys around. Here you will find rare species of birds.
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales. The richness of maritime wilderness which appears between sandy coves and sea waves will immerse you into a new world outside the car window. Make your vehicle choice with Rental24.co.uk and explore freely the suitable model with a spacious cabin and all the comforts.

Find out a suitable time to visit

Nature shows all shades of its beauty year-round, demonstrating unique landscapes each season, and the same applies to a huge variety of wildlife. Therefore, it’s important to know when the chosen location can give the most pleasant impression. Follow these pieces of advice to specify your desires:

  • Begin the new page of life after New Year celebrations in the winter paradise. Hikes through snow-covered territory could lead you to spots, where is possible to notice a white mountain hare in the green blemishes of grass. Take a fantastic hike in the highland region of Scotland, the Peak District in England, or Scotland Highlands preferably in January.
  • The middle of the Spring brings reptiles to sunbathe in the fresh air. You can watch the common lizard in any local nature park, but be as quiet as a mouse and freeze when the one emerges into view. Lizards are easy to scare, although they come back when the environment feels safe.
  • Minke whales and Bottlenose Dolphins appear in summer, so it’s a chance to enjoy the beach vacation and watch them fleeing in the waves. Visit Northumberland coastline and Falmouth, Cornwall.

Take care of accommodation

Finding accommodation during wildlife takes time. Firstly, to research and then decide, what kind of financials you want to use. Options are different for wildlife viewing, including hotels, campsites, vacation rentals, and eco-lodges. For hidden gems or remote destinations, there are provided booking systems.


As you can see, a wildlife trip is a great idea for adventure. Hope our guide helped and inspired you enough to start – seeing the nature wonders gives much more emotion than usual urban views. Wish you good luck and a safe road!

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