Bring Immense Blessings In Your Brother’s Life With These Divine Rakhis

Divine Rakhis

Did you know that rakhi can be a wonderful medium by which you can help your brother gain God’s blessings? In case you didn’t know, it is believed that divine rakhi can help a person attain the gods’ favor. If you also want to bring immense blessings into your brother’s life, you can tie divine rakhi on his wrist this year.

To help you to choose the best divine rakhi, we have selected some of the best spiritual rakhis. These are classy yet cost-effective, and you can even order them online to get delivered around the world.

1] Rudraksha Bead Rakhi

You may already be familiar with the fact that rudraksha beads hold a significant value in Hindu tradition. If you don’t know why rudraksha beads are considered auspicious, you will be amazed when you learn interesting facts about these divine beads.

Rudraksha beads are made from the tears of Lord Shiva, and one who wears them attains the protection of lord shiva. So, this time on Raksha Bandhan, Rudraksha rakhi can be an excellent option with which you can give blessings of Lord Shiva to your brother.

2] Evil Eye Aesthetic Rakhi

This time on Raksha Bandhan, if you want no problems or troubles to come into your brother’s life, then evil eye aesthetic rakhi will be perfect. This rakhi is a trendy choice among sisters as it protects their brothers from the wicked stares of evil people.

Also, by tying this auspicious rakhi, you help your brother to fend off all the evils. Furthermore, this evil eye rakhi will curse all the people wanting to induce misfortune in your brother’s life.

3] Ganesha Rakhi

It is believed that if the person takes the blessings of Lord Ganesha before commencing a new work, his or her work will get completed without any problem. So, this time you can remove all the obstacles in your brother’s life by introducing Lord Ganesh into his life by tying Ganesha rakhi. Besides these spiritual benefits, you can take care of your brother’s health by sending Ganesha rakhi with dry fruits basket this time.

4] Natkhat Kanha Rakhi

If your adorable little brother likes to perform various mischiefs like Lord Krishna, then Natkhat Kanha rakhi will be best for him. This Natkhat Kanha rakhi consists of the figure of Lord Krishna and is made from red velvet thread, which will be very comfortable to wear. Moreover, by tying this rakhi, you will grant the blessing of Lord Krishna, which will protect your brother from accidents when he performs various mischiefs.

5] Silver Om Bracelet Rakhi

If you are looking for a divine rakhi with a fashionable touch, silver om bracelet rakhi will be a good option. This bracelet rakhi is wholly made of pure silver, and it is believed that pure silver protects the person from diseases.

In the center of this bracelet, rakhi, a beautiful symbol of Om, is present, which has a popular Hindu spiritual symbol. Moreover, this rakhi is very stylish and will bring charm to your brother’s wrist when he wears it.

6] Serene Blue Swastik Rakhi

The term swastika is taken from the Sanskrit word svástika, which means auspicious. In addition to this, it is often believed that when a person wears a rakhi with a Swastika symbol, they get blessed with good fortune, eternity, and prosperity.

If you are wondering what could be the best Swastik divine rakhi, then serene blue Swastik Rakhi will be a fantastic option. This divine rakhi is elegantly designed by using blue threads and precious stones, and in the center, a dail is present depicting the holy sign of the Swastika.

7] Floral Rudrakh Mauli Rakhi

On this Raksha Bandhan, you can bring immense blessing into your brother’s life by sending him floral rudraksha mauli rakhi. This rakhi consists of mauli thread which is widely used in various Hindu festivals and is believed that helps to receive blessings from gods.

Apart from mauli thread, rudraksha beads are also used in this rakhi, which increases the divinity of this rakhi. If you want to send this divine rakhi to your brother, you can opt for the best Floweraura rakhi online delivery services.

8] Kundan Peacock Rakhi

Kundan peacock rakhi can be another magnificent rakhi you can select for your brother, this time on Raksha Bandhan. This rakhi is artistically designed with traditional Kundan gemstones and with a design of peacock feathers.

In the Hindu religion, the peacock is often associated with various gods, such as the goddess Lakshmi. Also, the peacock feather is believed to can bring prosperity and wealth to someone’s life.


A sister always tries to do things to help her brother achieve his goals and prays that he may excel in his life. With the day of Raksha Bandhan approaching, you can also show your support for your brother by tying divine rakhi on his wrist. If you are having a problem selecting the best divine rakhi, the information provided in the above passage will benefit you. You can select one from the above list and bring grace to your brother’s life.

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