How a Lawyer Will Protect You from Insurance Companies in a Car Accident Case

You may have been happy about paying a specific amount every month to an insurance company so that your savings are intact in times of sudden illness. But here’s the catch. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. They will put in ample effort to offer an amount that’s lower than fair compensation. It is at times like this that you need a lawyer. 

A lawyer works as an intermediary between you and other legal entities. They help you understand your rights and offer legal advice on how to proceed with tricky situations like accident claims. Speak with a lawyer to learn more about car accident settlements and how the insurance adjusters will try to lowball you. You may think you can handle these insurance adjusters with research, but the truth is, no amount of internet research will outwit an insurance adjuster whose entire trade is lowballing offers.

Still not convinced? Here are a few ways in which a lawyer will assist you when discussing the settlement of claims with insurance companies.

They Carry Out Their Own Investigation

Once you get in touch with a lawyer, their first job will be to conduct an in-depth investigation of the accident to strengthen your case. They analyze the events that happened along with the chances for irregularities and use their extensive network of professionals from numerous fields to get second opinions.

Generally, a car crash investigation comprises collecting police reports, recording eyewitness accounts, and gathering the plaintiff’s medical bills and other relevant data. They study the received data and look for reasons to justify the requested compensation.

They Speak for You

As soon as you apply for an insurance claim, an insurance adjuster is bound to contact you to conduct an investigation from their end. The insurance adjuster’s main goal is to lower your compensation as much as possible because insurance companies are, after all, for-profit organizations.

Having a lawyer speak for you greatly increases the chances of you receiving fair compensation. They use their years of expertise dealing with insurance concerns to tackle any curveball thrown at them. 

Not just insurance adjusters, but lawyers also stand as a point of contact against debt collectors, especially the ones that use harassment as a strategy to get paid. Throughout the duration of the case, a lawyer who is well-versed in fair debt collection practices will be a useful ally by your side.

They Write for You

Not just speaking on your behalf, a lawyer can also write demand letters. These letters usually kick off the insurance claim proceedings, so it’s important to start on a strong note.

They Negotiate for You

Sometimes, cases conclude through settlements instead of trials. A lawyer is a crucial part of settlement negotiation. Just like insurance adjusters, lawyers can get pretty aggressive when arranging fair compensation for their plaintiffs.         

Other methods that lawyers employ to get justifiable compensation are mediation and arbitration. Mediation involves discussing the negotiation terms in the presence of a neutral third party called the mediator. The mediator listens to both parties and negotiates a settlement that favors them both.

Arbitration, on the other hand, resembles more of an informal trial. A third-party arbitrator listens to the facts and evidence submitted by both parties and gives a verdict.

They can Represent You in Court

A lawyer will be beside you, right from the negotiation stage through the litigation stage to the trial. You don’t have to worry if your case ends up in court and you are stuck in the predicament of defending yourself. Your lawyer will have the skills and experience to prove your case in court.

Additionally, if your case breaks at the trial stage, your lawyer can file an appeal challenging the decision of the trial court to get a favorable result.

What you just read were some of the reasons a lawyer can help you if you are a survivor of a car accident. In addition to getting fair compensation, they make sure you know your rights and provide assistance during your hour of need.

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