Investigating Car Accidents in Corpus Christi: Uncovering Crucial Evidence to Prove Liability

Liability is the most crucial part of a car accident case. Proving the other party’s liability to receive legal compensation is vital. There should be evidence of someone else’s fault for the victim to receive compensation. A victim must work with his personal injury attorney to collect the evidence to prove the other party’s fault. 

Try to connect with an experienced attorney who knows what he is doing. And try to receive a free consultation before hiring an attorney. That will give you an idea about their professionalism and line of action. 

Witnesses are Important

  1. Witnesses are very helpful in any car crash-related case. There is a high chance that they have experienced the accident with their eyes through a different angle. It is highly possible that they have seen the other driver not paying attention to the traffic while driving. And that negligence could be the main reason for the accident. 
  1. Eyewitnesses can see those things that accident victims cannot. They can help with the case by telling the specific details. For instance, they might have seen the other driver texting, eating, using a phone, or doing something else instead of focusing on his driving. These details could greatly help and serve as solid evidence in court. 
  1. Yes, your lawyer will talk to witnesses on your behalf, but you, as a victim, can also reach out to them. If you are not seriously injured and can walk and reach the witnesses, you should totally see them in person. You can also record their statements with their permission. You can record their video as witness statement evidence if they feel safe and confident in giving their statements. 
  1. And don’t forget to ask them for their name and contact information. Your attorney would contact them to ask further questions or for the purpose of verification of their statement. In cases where victims are significantly injured and unable to see witnesses themselves, police officers would see witnesses and record their witness statements. Those statements will then become a part of the police report. 

Police Reports 

Always call the police after witnessing or experiencing a car accident. They can help with the traffic by blocking the road area to prevent further damage and casualties. They will also release an official police report with a good number of witnesses and evidence. 

That report can be significantly utilized in court while calculating the recovery for damages. Police reports also include drug tests that can clearly state if the driver was drunk or drugged etc. A breathalyzer or a field sobriety test is helpful in drug-related cases. 

Surveillance Camera Footage

Police reports are helpful as they include proper witness statements and evidence to support a claim. But unfortunately, insurance companies can’t just accept that as adequate evidence. They may try to reject all the established evidence by proving their point. 

That is why you will need some video evidence to support your claim. And fortunately, you can get your hands on a video recording of the accident. You just need to search, and you can find some dashcam recordings, traffic camera recordings, or street/road surveillance recordings. 

No one can easily deny the credibility of a video; they can do that to human witnesses but not to video evidence. You need help to attain a video. You will need an attorney to represent you and receive video evidence for you.

Pay Attention to Phone Records

Your attorney can collect the phone record from the other driver to confirm if he was using his phone right before the accident. But keep in mind that the same can happen to you too. You could get caught if you were also guilty of using your phone while driving. So just remember this while going for other driver’s phone records.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Some complex cases require the help of accident reconstruction experts. They can recreate the incident with the use of computer software. They are experts in joining all the dots in a case after collecting necessary information, evidence, eyewitnesses, and video witnesses. 

They combine their expertise in physics and engineering to prove the other driver is at fault. And these experts will give proper evidence of how your injuries are the fault of other drivers’ negligence. That will almost provide the final touches to your case, and you will receive deserving compensation for your loss. 

As you are already aware of the number of liability considerations while investigating car accident damages, which is why contacting a specialist attorney who is experienced in car accident cases is highly important. After getting into a car accident, this should be your top priority. Contacting an attorney who has his specialization in motor vehicle law can be the best step at this point. 

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