Kirill Yurovskiy: The Benefits Of Farm Foods

The question of proper nutrition is of interest to many people today. It’s not a diet, not giving up meat or fish, and not a strict dietary restriction. It is a diet that includes all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body. At the same time, it is necessary to give up foods that are not good for health, such as a lot of confectionery or fast food. But today many food products contain a lot of preservatives and harmful food additives. This is because manufacturers use low-cost raw materials to make them. Food products labeled “organic” or “farm-to-table” are more expensive, but are more trustworthy.

Nutritional problems of modern people

The population of planet Earth is constantly growing, and at the same time there is an acute problem of providing it with the necessary food. The environmental situation in many countries and cities is not the most favorable, which affects their quality. The state of soil, air and water does not affect the beneficial properties of meat, milk, fruits and vegetables in the best way. As a result, there is less and less opportunity to get the necessary vitamins and minerals from these foods.

But harmful substances are not only found in water and soil. Many of them are also used in food production. If you look at the packages, you often see a long list of food additives – flavorings, stabilizers and flavor enhancers. They are added to food products to preserve the marketable appearance for a longer time and longer shelf life. Many food additives have negative effects on the stomach, intestines and other body systems.

Not everyone can provide high quality nutrition today. Unfortunately, products sold in supermarkets contain many substances that negatively affect people’s health. As an alternative option, many consumers have begun to choose food products labeled “organic” or “farm-to-table. You can buy them in specialty stores or at markets. It is also possible to buy products for good nutrition directly from farms, but not everyone has this option. Check website

What are farm foods?

Consumers rightly assume that “farm” or “organic” products contain no chemical additives. The first thing that distinguishes them from the rest of the range is color. Meat and meat products on store shelves may have an unnatural pink color, while natural meat or sausages are characterized by a gray or pale pink color. And in the composition of the product, indicated on the label, you can find natural ingredients – salt, spices or milk.

Vegetables and fruits sold in farm produce stores are characterized by seasonality. Here you can find crops that do not use preservatives for storage. Like meat, they have a more natural flavor, aroma and color. Confectionery products sold in specialty stores contain natural ingredients. Almost no dyes or preservatives are used in their manufacture.

As a rule, farm products are supplied to stores in small batches. This is because no preservatives or food additives are used in their manufacture. Active consumers of farm products include supporters of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle concepts, young mothers, people with food restrictions for health reasons and consumers with high incomes.

More organic and healthy products can be purchased at weekend markets, agricultural fairs or specialized stores. These products have one significant disadvantage – high cost. Therefore, many people believe that the label “farm” or “organic” product is nothing more than a marketing ploy to force the end consumer to pay more money.

Nevertheless, one cannot help but deny the advantageous difference of farm products. Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients and the absence of stabilizers and flavor enhancers, they are stored for a shorter time, but still retain the substances necessary for health – vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

What quality food should be like: vitamin and nutrient content

For some consumers, farm products are a tribute to fashion followed by acquaintances, friends or colleagues. Some people even get to know farmers and farms, while others prefer to buy food products at markets or specialty stores. Unfortunately, the food additives used in the vast majority of products cause serious health damage, including contributing to food allergies. In stores and markets that sell farm products, there are many more opportunities to find products for people who follow diets, including gluten-free or vegetarian diets.

Farms use animal feed and plant fertilizers made with natural ingredients to make their products. This explains the more natural taste and smell of the product. Farmers value their stable business reputation and are interested in maintaining consumer confidence. Therefore, they maintain high quality products.

Low-key, compared with painted “conventional” products, a shorter shelf life and the absence of preservative food additives, makes the farm product attractive to consumers, even despite the higher cost. After all, the product contains much more vitamins and nutrients than a product grown with artificial additives and fertilizers.

In farm products the consumer is attracted, first of all, natural appearance and taste. Seasonal fruits, vegetables and berries are more useful, although their shelf life is shorter. And meat, fish and dairy products, have a natural taste, not stifled by food additives and preservatives.

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