Mary Joan Martelly: A Steadfast Partner in George Foreman’s Journey

From the boxing ring to the business world, George Foreman has been a force to be reckoned with. Behind his remarkable success and enduring legacy stands his fifth and current wife, Mary Joan Martelly. Affectionately known as “Joan” or “Jobie,” Martelly has been a constant presence by Foreman’s side since their marriage in 1985. Let’s delve into the life of this remarkable woman and the vital role she has played in Foreman’s life.

Early Life and Cajun Heritage:

Mary Joan Martelly was born in the vibrant city of Houma, Louisiana. Hailing from a Cajun background, she brings with her a rich cultural heritage that adds depth to her character. Growing up in Louisiana, Martelly developed a strong sense of community and a compassionate spirit, values that would later shape her philanthropic endeavors.

Business Partnership and Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Beyond being Foreman’s life partner, Martelly has been an indispensable business collaborator throughout his illustrious career. Together, they have navigated the challenging waters of entrepreneurship, undertaking various commercial endeavors with remarkable success. Martelly’s keen business acumen and unwavering support have been instrumental in Foreman’s triumphs both in and out of the ring.

Championing Humanitarian Work:

Aside from their professional synergy, Mary Joan Martelly has demonstrated a deep commitment to making a positive impact on society. In particular, she has taken on a leading role in humanitarian efforts, with a notable focus on the George Foreman Children and Community Center based in Houston. This remarkable institution serves as a haven for young people in need, offering essential services and engaging activities to help them overcome adversity.

A Growing Family:

Throughout their enduring union, Martelly and Foreman have been blessed with a loving and growing family. Together, they have five children who bring joy and fulfillment to their lives. In 2008, Alice Foreman was born, followed by Isabella Brandie Lilja Foreman in 2011. Their expanding family has also been graced with the presence of grandchildren, adding an extra layer of happiness and unity to their lives.

George Foreman’s Boxing Legacy:

Of course, it is impossible to discuss Mary Joan Martelly without acknowledging the extraordinary career of her husband, George Foreman. Born in Marshall, Texas, on January 10, 1949, Foreman emerged as one of the all-time great heavyweight boxers. His boxing journey began as a teenager, and he swiftly rose through the ranks, amassing an impressive amateur record.

In a historic showdown famously known as the “Sunshine Showdown,” Foreman clinched his first world heavyweight championship by defeating Joe Frazier. This momentous victory propelled him to greater heights, and he became an icon in the world of boxing.

Although Foreman temporarily retired from boxing in 1977, he made a remarkable comeback in the 1990s, defying expectations. At the age of 45, he became the oldest boxer to hold a significant world title, cementing his status as a true legend.

Beyond the Boxing Ring:

Following his second retirement, George Foreman ventured into new territories and found success as a multifaceted entrepreneur and television personality. One of his most notable contributions is the George Foreman Grill, a groundbreaking kitchen appliance that revolutionized indoor grilling. This innovation, along with his numerous other projects, showcased Foreman’s versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.


Mary Joan Martelly, the devoted wife of George Foreman, has been an unwavering pillar of support throughout his extraordinary journey. From their fruitful partnership in business to their shared commitment to philanthropy, Martelly has played an integral role in shaping Foreman’s life and legacy. Together, they have built a harmonious family while leaving an indelible mark on the world of boxing and beyond. Their enduring love and shared values serve as an inspiration to us all.

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