Raising the Bar: How New Zealand is Leading the Personalised Alcohol Trend

In the last year, around 4 in every 5 New Zealand adults (78.5%) drank alcohol in the past year. In the dynamic landscape of spirit consumption, New Zealand has emerged as a pioneer in personalised alcohol experiences. This trend, which focuses on tailoring alcoholic beverages to individual preferences and lifestyles, is gaining traction not only locally but also on a global scale. With a deep-rooted culture of innovation and a penchant for pushing boundaries, personalised alcohol bottles in NZ are setting the stage for a new era in the beverage industry.

A Kiwi Approach to Personalised Alcohol

Before European settlers arrived, the native Maori people made an alcoholic beverage from kumara (sweet potato) fermentation and other natural ingredients. After colonisation, New Zealand changed the game completely. While wine is prominent in New Zealand, the country also has a strong beer culture. Craft breweries have sprawled up across the nation, with Wellington often termed the “craft beer capital.”

 New Zealand’s spirit industry is embracing the concept of customisation. From craft brew to boutique wineries, the focus is on offering diverse flavours and combinations. This approach allows consumers to select beverages that resonate with their specific preferences.

Unveiling the Numbers: NZ Alcohol Consumption

To understand the personalised spirit trend, delving into New Zealand’s consumption patterns is crucial. New Zealanders drink more beer by volume, which is over 2.7 times more beer than wine and 2.9 times as much beer than other spirits & spirit-based drinks. The country has a rich history of spirit consumption. The Marlborough region in New Zealand is internationally recognised for its distinctive Sauvignon Blanc wine. This stability, however, belies the fact that people are becoming more discerning about what they drink.

The surge in craft beer and artisanal spirits consumption speaks to New Zealanders’ desire for unique and personalised experiences. The growth of local breweries and distilleries showcases a shift from mass-produced beverages to carefully curated options.

A New Zealand Experience: Craft and Customization

New Zealand has experienced a craft beer boom in the 21st century gaining international acclaim. The craft beer trend in New Zealand is thriving. Breweries are experimenting with novel ingredients, brewing techniques, and flavour profiles to cater to diverse tastes. This approach allows consumers to explore beer styles that align with their preferences.

New Zealand’s wine industry has also embraced the personalised trend. Waiheke Island, near Auckland, is famous for its boutique vineyards and has become a popular destination for wine tours. Winemakers are producing small batches of wine with distinct characteristics, often showcasing the unique terroir of different regions. This ensures that consumers can savour wines that encapsulate the essence of the land.

New Zealand’s innovative approach to personalised spirits is influencing trends globally. As consumers worldwide seek more tailored experiences, the practices pioneered in New Zealand are becoming a benchmark for the industry.

This trend is not limited to traditional alcoholic beverages. Innovations in cocktails, mixers, and non-alcoholic options are also being explored, giving consumers a more comprehensive array of choices that cater to their preferences.


In a world where personalisation is paramount, personalised alcohol bottles in nz are stepping up to the plate. By focusing on crafting unique, flavorful, and tailored beverages, the country is leading the way in redefining the spirit experience. Note that the legal age to purchase alcohol in New Zealand is 18, and many establishments will ask for an ID if you look under 25. As consumers continue seeking more meaningful and individualised encounters, New Zealand’s approach is a testament to the power of innovation and customisation in the ever-evolving world of alcohol.

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