Top 5 Video Making Tools for Marketers in 2023

Top 5 Video Making Tools for Marketers in 2023

Without any sign of doubt, content is king. But do you ever wonder what is actually driving content?

Videos. Videos are the actual king. More than 80% of time spent on the internet accounts for users watching videos. Videos contain dynamic imagery which make the experience highly immersive for the audience.

Interestingly, as per Social Sprout, more than 85% of businesses are already using video in their marketing strategy.

One major reason is that video is super-effective. But, more importantly with the advancement in AI and widespread use of tools by marketers, video editing has become seriously affordable. These tools even though limited with their features, cost much less than cost of a video editor.

Yes, video editing tools are the real deal for marketers in 2023. So, we’ll dedicate this blog to the 5 best video making tools to watch out this year.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Just to make your job easier, we’ve divided these tools into two broad categories; basic-level tools and professional video making tools.

Basic-level video making tools

The basic-level video making tools are specially for those video makers who are noobs and have just taken the leap to learn video editing.

Know that the list below only includes tools that are really intuitive. But, also have only the most fundamental features to help you with your editing job.

So, if you have just entered the video editing space, then these tools might be the right pick for you. Plus, these are also budget-friendly. I guess these tools seem ideal for anyone who wants to explore video editing.


Designed for Mac, iMovie is FREE video editing tool that comes with Mac PC and laptops. And, as the name implies, it can help you curate short movies and clips on your iPhone. So, it is also iOS-supportive. That sounds like a real deal for an Apple user.

iMovie has an entire library of transitions and templates to help you know your way around video editing. It’s a perfect option for anyone who’s just starting a YouTube channel or posting branded content for their business.


VideoPad is another FREE tool on this list. It might be more suitable to marketers who are new to video marketing and want to produce quality content in greater volume. The tool is compatible with Mac OS devices. So, if you’re a Windows users, then this one is just no for you.

You can use VideoPad to create fascinating stuff for YouTube and even power up your game with marketing videos. Plus, the tool also allows you to create a multitude of videos and even in formats of 3D and 360. Maybe that’s just too much for a FREE tool.


The last pick from our side for beginner-level video making is VSDC. And, surprisingly, it’s compatible with Windows. So, if you’re a Windows user, you’ll love this one.

The VSDC is a free video editing tool, converter, and audio grabber. You’re FREE n to create videos in any format. The software is available as FREE to download. Plus, like other tools in the list, VSCD also gives you access to a library of video effects, pre-defined color corrections and much more.

Now, here’s the catch. The VSDC you can have for FREE does not unlock all the robust level editing features. For that, you’ll need a premium version of the tool.

Pro-level video making tools

Those were the basic ones. Now, if you’re looking for some pro-level stuff with your videos, then check out the ones below;

Premier Pro

The Premier Pro is one of the best tools on the market today. It continues to dominate the video editing space. And, with updates rolling in every year, this tool remains the go-to option for pro-level editors as well as production teams.

And, the tool is ideal and can be intuitive for you, if you’re already familiar with the Adobe’s Creative Suite. In addition to rendering high quality videos, short films and product demos, the Premiere Pro is even supportable for 8K videos. Now, that’s some quality you want as a professional editor.

The price point starts from $52.99 per month. Again, that is very reasonable considering you’ve a team that works on a several amazing projects in a month.

Final Cut Pro

The Final Cut Pro, is Mac’s counterpart to the Premiere Pro. The user-interface is swell and sweet! (as with all products made by Apple). It’s again specially designed for pro-level video editing gigs. You can scale the quality of your output from 4K to 8K and even export the videos with the optimized resolution to your social profiles.

The tool itself is a one-of-a-kind and continues to dominate in 2023. Plus, if you’re already a Mac User, you can have the free version to decide, if the Premium package is something you really need.

As for the cost, the Final Cut Pro comes with a one-time payment of $299.99.

Final Verdict

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we gave you a walkthrough of the best video making tools for marketers in 2023. We started off with three quality tools that are absolutely FREE and might be more suitable for you, if you’re someone who has just stepped into the video editing game.

Each tool we discussed under the category has its own pros and cons.

Nonetheless, they can be cool to start with. Next, we gave you a peek into two professional-level video making tools that are currently on the market. The Final Cut Pro is for the Mac users, where the Premiere Pro is for those who are on the Windows platform.

Aside from the pricing, the tools we discussed have a list of exhaustive features. And, mastering each or some key features would take several months for anyone. And, if feel like you don’t have much time to dedicate to learning these tools, then considering reaching out professional video editing companies.

Not only will they save you big in terms of time, but also offer you full level customization.

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