3 Top Tips for Becoming a Singing Teacher from Home

With the huge rise in remote and hybrid working opportunities, working full-time from home has never been more popular or, indeed, more accessible.

However, one profession that has only ever been predominantly based at home, save, of course for, within a school setting, is the world of vocal coaching, and if you have a background in the arts and performance, this could be a lucrative and enjoyable career to choose. Read on for three top tips for becoming a singing teacher from home.

  1. Embrace Different Musical Genres

Should you be trained in musical theatre singing (one of the more popular types of lessons singing teachers offer), your teaching style and the content of each lesson will reflect this. In contrast, pop or country would each have their own differing elements.

Regardless, as a singing teacher, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the composition and the ‘rules’ behind using vocal accompaniment for each genre of music, so expand your repertoire as much as possible, both in terms of your singing style and your range of reference. 

  1. Designing Your New Music Room 

Ideally, you will want your students to be able to head straight into the music room to begin their lesson, without having to traipse through your kitchen and living room to get there.

Moreover, as you will be welcoming, at least at the beginning, veritable strangers into your private space, the less access they have to your family’s living areas, the better, so unless the floor plan of your home doesn’t allow for it, having a separate room with a separate entrance is a good idea.

Now, even though plenty of singing teachers use other instruments to accompany their lessons, by far the most popular is to have a piano, or at least a full-sized keyboard, in the room. 

Choose your new piano or keyboard carefully and check the local online and newspaper listings for good-quality secondhand pianos, as you will likely save a significant amount of money this way. Additionally, be sure to use a reputable shipping company, such as Shiply USA, to ensure your new piano arrives safely and in perfect condition. 

Other key components of your new music room to ensure your students learn in a professional and inspirational environment include a large selection of songbooks, a light, airy, and clutter-free floor space, and reference books for your students’ perusal. 

  1. Acquire the MTNA Certification

Although there are numerous certifications and qualifications on offer for performers who want to turn their hand to teaching others how to sing and perform, one of the most highly regarded and respected is the MTNA certification. 

The MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) offer a wide range of accreditation pathways, specifically designed and created for music and singing teachers across the country. It is crucial to stay up-to-date not only on the aforementioned different genres of music, but also to be aware of current techniques and new and emerging trends in the world of singing, which is where the MTNA comes in. 

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