Alda will broadcast the 2022 World Cup live! Real-time coverage of 64 games

Alda will broadcast the 2022 World Cup live! Real-time coverage of 64 games

Everyone wants to watch the broadcast of the World Cup, since it is one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

Since Taiwan has too many sports broadcast channels, I am afraid people will not know where to watch the World Cup live broadcast, and the most famous World Cup live broadcast, if you just entered the football world because of the 2022 World Cup. How can I see it? Where should I go? Could you please let me know if there are any matches other than the World Cup football schedule that I can watch? Live broadcasts of football matches can be arranged for you immediately by following the steps below.

How can I find out what channels will be broadcasting the FIFA World Cup in 2022?

In the past, Elda provided Taiwan with the genuine World Cup broadcast, and this year is no different. It has broadcast the World Cup in Taiwan four times consecutively, counting the 2022 World Cup.

World Cup 2022 will be broadcast only on the following platforms:

A live stream of the World Cup


MOD Chunghwa Telecom

Sports Video Hall at Hami

Three ways to watch the World Cup live on Alda

Not only can Elda Channel show the World Cup every four years, but it also broadcasts the UEFA Champions League and the Serie A among the five major leagues. Premier League played the most games among the five major leagues. Many fans were thrilled when Papa Elda announced the news, saying, “Thank you, Papa Elda.” As a result, the pirated version that wasn’t bad in picture quality or quite LAG before instantly lost its status. In addition, Elda will also broadcast many popular matches from the UEFA Europa League, which is currently in full swing.

Watching the World Cup live is possible in three ways, and I will describe them one by one:

⚽ Elta TV – World Cup Live Elta TV

Elda’s online channel can be found here. The channel offers a variety of sports live broadcasts and programs, which can be viewed within two days of an event’s conclusion. On Elda TV, you can also watch some non-sports dramas.

MODULE OF Chunghwa Telecom

The main difference between the three plans is the number of channels that can be selected. In accordance with their own needs, users can choose from a variety of channels. The MOD broadcast of the World Cup should be one of the most popular ways to watch it. There are three channels that Elda has MOD for. Watching sports events is not the only thing you can do. You can also watch films and television programs.

Sports Video Hall at Hami

Original price: 149 yuan/month for Hami Video Sports Hall

There are many sports events available on this online channel provided by Chunghwa Telecom.

You can relive the moment of scoring infinitely with 7 sports channels, including Elda in the stadium.


149 yuan for a single month’s pass

A chopsticks table is also called a chopsticks table. You can watch a lot of sports events on ELEVEN SPORTS, like professional baseball, the Premier League, UEFA Europa League, World Cup qualifiers, etc. As a result of its poor evaluation, poor picture quality often, and the player’s name printed incorrectly, many netizens express regret for ordering it.

Watch World Cup Live Alda’s broadcast of the 2022 FIFA World Cup! In 64 games, there were no missed shots

Are you also interested in watching the World Cup group stage live with Elda?

There will be no events from 11/21 (Monday) to 12/18 (Sunday), so don’t miss it! 12/8, 12/10, and 12/16 are rest days and there will be no events, so don’t miss it! Ten minutes before the start of the game, the live broadcast will begin. When buying supper or drinks, be sure to pay attention to the time.

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