Decorating your music studio

In order to get the right vibes and release your creativity, your music studio should be decorated to suit your specific style. You should not underestimate what effect the mood in the studio can have on your finished product. Music studios can be decorated with a variety of colors and textures, as well as wall art, plants, and different furniture pieces.


Regarding furniture – think comfortable. A couch or two will create an inviting atmosphere and can even double as a bed if you’re in for a late-night session. A good idea can be to have a bean bag chair or a folding stool for guests. Posters, artwork, and photos of your favorite musicians, albums, and performances can be hung around the room to give it character.

Consider framing some of these works if you’re going for a more polished look – if not, don’t. Professional studios often have instruments hanging on the wall, photos of artists, and records near the mixing board.


When it comes to wall colors, you should consider a color palette that reflects your music style and interests. Choose a color scheme that speaks to you and makes you feel inspired. You can choose colors that stimulate the senses or just go with colors that relax you. Darker colors may help dampen the mood or give a cozier vibe, while brighter colors will make the room feel larger and more inviting.


Incorporating textures into your space is also important. Soft fabrics like suede, velvet, and leather make the room feel cozy, while harder materials like wood or stone add an industrial touch. Have fun with the textiles you use – try adding a patterned rug to bring texture and warmth to the floor.


Incorporating plants into your music studio is a great way to bring nature’s beauty and calming atmosphere indoors, plus it will help purify the air around you. Place some nature-inspired decor, like wall hangings or sculptures, to bring even more of a relaxed feel to your recording space.

Sounds and light

Consider soundproofing your room to keep noise levels down. This can be done by adding acoustic panels to walls, ceiling tiles, and furniture. This will help keep your music clear while ensuring you don’t disturb anyone in the house.

Lastly – don’t forget about lighting. Lighting can help create an atmosphere in your space and make it more inviting or relaxing; use warm colors to add a cozy feeling or bright lights to give you energy and get your creative juices flowing that way.

No matter what look you choose, the essential part of decorating a music studio is to make sure it reflects your style and makes you feel creative and inspired. Have fun with it; this is your space to get creative and make art. So decorate it the way you want and let the music flow!

Bonus Tip: Ensure you have all the essential equipment in your studio, such as an audio interface, a laptop or computer, speakers and headphones, and of course, musical instruments. You don’t want to be halfway through a recording session and realize you are missing something!  A fully equipped music studio will help you create your art without hiccups or distractions.

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