How to get your music supported: a chance to boost your hip-hop on Livemixtapes

Livemixtapes was established in 2006 to give hip-hop musicians a better chance to show their stuff: today you can find lots of mixtapes here that have views and votes for them. If you are creating music in this genre but haven’t yet joined the platform we highly recommend doing so and learning how to boost your music at the same – good news is you are reading the right article!

In this text we are going to tell how to boost your page here and how a chance to buy Livemixtapes votes can greatly help with making your music noticed and loved. Generally speaking, this social media music platform can become your trampoline into the world of popularity and fan love. How it works? Keep on reading!

What do you need to know about purchasing votes 

Generally speaking, third party paid services can greatly help you significantly accelerate the promotion of any of your resources, including sites where music is distributed. In the case of Livemixtapes, there is an opportunity to purchase views and voices that will improve your statistics and make your music more attractive to people, since listeners are always much more willing to evaluate content that has already been evaluated by someone before them.

However, things are not as easy as we all want them to be. If you have made a decision to buy Livemixtapes votes cheap, you should be careful with what exactly and from whom you are purchasing. The thing is, there are good companies that you can rely on, and there are sites that sell promo services using bots that do not bring any practical benefit. In fact, they can even cause harm – if a page in any social network or on any resource contacts fake accounts too much, internal algorithms of the site or network begin to recognize it as fake too. Subsequently, this leads to the fact that the page becomes abandoned by everyone except its owner, who often does not even understand why this is happening.

Therefore, before buying something from any company, try to find reviews for its services and maybe even talk to those who have already purchased such services. If you don’t have time to search and check, you can use the links we gave you above – thank us for the time saved later!


If you are looking for a place where you can show your hip-hop tracks and want it to be a live platform with a large number of users, try Livemixtapes. Its big plus is also that you can easily use paid promotion services to speed up the growth process and get additional support if you have just started your journey here or are experiencing some difficulties. Anyway, always check the quality of the services you purchase and never rely on agencies that exploit bots – it has been proven that such services cause problems.

And of course, no one has canceled your own efforts: cross-posting, collaborations, paid advertising on other social networks (for example, on Instagram), participation in offline events, if this is among your interests. Creative path is a complicated thing that requires a lot of effort – paid services can support you, but in no way give you the key to a huge success. You are the only one able to achieve it. 

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