How to Improve Chances for Australian Skilled Immigration

How to Improve Chances for Australian Skilled Immigration

Australia has made the skilled immigration process flexible to attract more immigrants to the country. The Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) wants to encourage skilled workers to address labour gaps in the market and add to their already robust economy.

Eligible skilled immigrants add value to Australia by offering foreign labour to its designated companies, which is hard to find locally. These skilled migration programs also allow successful entrepreneurs and investors to migrate and start new businesses or grow existing ones, particularly in territorial or rural areas. Abu Dhabi residents also have many options to make the life-changing decision of skilled immigration to Australia.

To further enhance their integration into Australian society, skilled immigrants can explore additional financial opportunities, such as opening an account in banks for expats in Australia, providing them with a stable foundation for their new life.

The immigrants who get an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Australia can settle for a more extended period along with family and expect career growth, better life-work balance, social welfare, access to healthcare, educational benefits, and easy mobility. 

Australia has many skilled immigration programs in place for permanent and temporary residents. Temporary residence programs also can lead to permanent residence. Understanding the eligibility criteria for skilled migration to Australia from Abu Dhabi through various programs, suitability, points-based system, and documentation can be challenging. Here is where Australian migration agents in Abu Dhabi come in handy to make the Australian immigration journey smooth for you.

Steps to follow under Guidance of Experts

  • The Australian Skilled Migration Program offers points-tested permanent visas designed for highly skilled individuals. They are either independent, family-sponsored, or state or territory sponsored. Australian migration agents in Abu Dhabi help you to choose the best program and substream based on your eligibility. 
  • The points are calculated based on factors such as an individual’s language abilities, work experience, educational qualifications, skills, and adaptability. Higher-ranking individuals have more significant opportunities to receive ITA for permanent residency. Knowledgeable consultants help you to improve scores if required through language tests, improving educational credentials, or gaining valuable work experience.
  • The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia determines which professions are eligible to apply for permanent residency through the general skilled migration programs. An experienced immigration consultant will assist you in choosing the suitable occupation as per requirements.
  • Australia has a skills assessment authority for every occupation that evaluates whether the skills of the candidate meet the standards for a specific occupation. You can seek prior help in skills assessment through registered Australian immigration consultants. 
  • In some areas of Australia with a shortage of skilled workers, lower scores may also be accepted for specific in-demand occupations. The registered consultants will be aware of these programs and suggest you the tech.
  • For accomplished entrepreneurs, points may not be required, but they must meet the minimum investment requirements and provide required documentation listing their business and managerial experience. Immigration agents will help in getting that documentation.


The skilled immigration process in Australia can be a challenging task and can consume your too much time and money. Managing the entire process on your own can be tedious and may result in visa refusal. It is recommended to seek professional expertise and legal support from a reputed immigration agency for a smooth, skilled immigration process.

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