Instagram Stories Hacks: 5 Tips and Tricks for Standout Content

Instagram Stories Hacks: 5 Tips and Tricks for Standout Content

Instagram Stories have become a popular way in which a user can share something temporarily with their profile, without cluttering their main feed. It can also be a great way to get people to engage with their profile, as it will force them to click on their photo (or swipe through) to see it.

The feature has also proven to be very useful in terms of its analytics, as it can provide an overview of who has seen it, and whether it has been able to generate any likes. As a result, it has become a primary method of communicating for some, especially as the algorithm for the main feed can be a little temperamental and not always show everyone what is posted. In fact, it isn’t unheard of for posts from the previous week being seen several days after they were actually made and not when first uploaded.

How do you make standout content for Instagram Stories?

Given that you only have a small period of time and user engagement is at its lowest in terms of the amount of time they spend looking, content has to be popping and needs to capture the attention of viewers immediately and in the best way possible.

Here are five tips that can help to create the desired impact and should be used with each post that is made to the Instagram Stories feature:

  1. Using bold and vibrant colors

The best way to immediately capture attention is to use bright, vibrant colors that appeal extremely bold on the screen. If they jump out as soon as the post appears, it’s more likely to keep individuals interested and keen to see what the post is all about. As they spend more time on it, it can potentially achieve more conversions, depending on the aim of the content created.

  1. Use audio to boost engagement

Audio can have an influential impact on whether people take more notice of content or not. Instagram Stories allows users to implement audio through an overlay feature, where they can use some of the biggest and latest songs, or use some that can drive nostalgic emotions. If music isn’t the answer, then using audio can be compelling enough to make the content pop, as this can leave viewers interested in hearing what is being said and potentially wanting to hear even more.

  1. Using templates

Posts can benefit from using templates, as these can bring a level of professionalism to the content that has been created. If you use DaVinci Resolve templates, it’s possible to find several free templates that have been specifically designed to take content to the next level for Instagram Stories. They can be used to make the post more visually engaging from the off, as transitions and overlays can add excitement and intrigue, thus keeping viewers occupied and wanting to see more.

  1. Make content interactive

A great and simple technique to make stories on Instagram stand out is to make them interactive and engaging. You can add a variety of different features, from polls to questions, as well as links and other clickable buttons. If that wasn’t enough, you could also add visuals like emojis and subtitles to videos that are being played out, as well as location-based stickers, which can be extremely useful if trying to direct traffic to a physical place. By making content interactive, it’s more likely to be remembered, while clicks are likely to be achieved compared to story posts that do not feature them.

  1. Have fun with styles

One of the best ways to attract attention to a post and keep eyes on it once clicked is through experimentation. Have fun with the styles that you can use in terms of the fonts, sounds, and colors that can be used. It can be the perfect time to showcase your personality, and give people a quick insight into what to expect. With a level of authenticity being witnessed with each post, it’s more likely to stand out and potentially be engaged with than generic content that has clearly been designed to try and generate interest.

Play around with Instagram Stories

While there are some strategies, like those mentioned above, that can give you a greater chance of creating standout content, Instagram Stories can also be seen as the perfect playground to try and perfect things, find a style that suits you and find out what ultimately works in making content pop.

Have some fun with it as it’s only temporary (unless you decide to save it), and see what works best by using the available in-app analytics.

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