Tips for Faster Healing of a Fracture

Fractures are common injuries as almost everyone experiences this at least once in their lifetime. Children and the elderly are more prone to breaking bones than adults. While on the other hand, the severity of the condition will tell the type of treatment required. Besides this, the healing of the fracture also depends on its severity and treatment. For example, mild fractures that only need the application of a cast and/or rest for the treatment heal faster than the ones treated surgically using implants like Locking Plate or Bone Screws. 

Above all, there are certain other factors that play a role in the healing of the bone. We will delve into those factors in this post. 

Strategies for Faster Fracture Healing

Have a Balanced Diet

During the healing process, the body’s requirement for nutrients increases. To cope with that, we need to maintain a balanced diet that contains all types of nutrients including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Such a diet aids in improved and better recovery from a fracture. Make sure to add a variety of foods to your diet including green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and dairy products. 

Take Dietary Supplements

Calcium and vitamin D are two primary nutrients that are required the most during healing of a fracture. In some cases, the healthcare service provider suggests dietary supplements to meet the body’s requirements. Remember, take supplements only under the expert’s guidance. Their misuse can do more harm than good. 


Most people think that complete rest is necessary during the recovery stages of a fracture. Well, this is not the complete truth. We do not deny the fact that rest is necessary, but exercising is equally important to ensure improved and better recovery. Here, we don’t mean rigorous exercises but mild ones. Your healthcare service provider will suggest the type of exercises you should perform. Moreover, you can also consult a physiotherapist to learn safe exercise tips and the best exercises based on your condition. 

Maintain Distance from Smoking and Alcohol

It is important for you to know that tobacco and alcohol make it difficult for your body to recover from an injury. When it comes to fractures, smoking causes rapid deterioration of bones, and this will delay healing. In some cases, the condition could become worse despite getting the right treatment. Similarly, alcohol also has a negative impact on fracture healing. So, it is advised to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption to ensure faster fracture healing. 

Adhere to Your Treatment Plan

It is important to ensure that you follow all the necessary guidelines issued by your doctor. Plus, stick to your treatment plan and be regular with the appointments. For example, if Orthopedic implants have been applied for the stabilization of your fracture, the doctor would want to check its place periodically. If you miss appointments and accidentally the implant is damaged or displaced from its position, the situation could become severe. So, doesn’t matter whether the fracture is mild or severe, saying what your doctor advises is the key to ensuring improved and better recovery. 

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