What Are Guitar Modes? Guide 2022

What Are Guitar Modes

What are guitar modes? Guitar modes are scales that you can play on the guitar. You can use them to improvise a solo or even write a song. The first thing to know about modes is that they are not all equal. Some sound better than others, and some are not used very often because they do not sound good in certain situations.

Following are the common guitar modes:

Ionian: This is probably the best-known guitar mode. You can use it for writing most pop songs and many rock songs. It is also called “Major.”

Dorian:  This mode is almost identical to Ionian, but it sounds darker and more mysterious. You can use it in blues & jazz.

Phrygian: This mode sounds dark and minor sounding, like some metal riffs or some Spanish music.

Lydia: This mode sounds bright and almost like a major chord with an added fourth note (called an augmented fourth). You can use it in modern rock music sometimes, as well as Jazz fusion music like a weather report.

Mixolydian: This mode is similar to the Ionian/major scale, except it has a b7 note instead of a 7 note at the end of each phrase. It is not too hard to play once you know how to do this change over smoothly in your head while playing through the scale.

Aeolian: In the Aeolian mode, the natural minor scale is A. Each of these intervals has the following values: 1, 2, b3, 4, 5,b6, and b7. The full name of this scale is A Natural Minor scale.

Locrian: The Locrian mode is the seventh mode of the major scale and has a dark sound. It is also known as minor 7th flat five or whole diminished tone (W-T) because it is based on two diminished fifths.

What Are Guitar Modes

Final Words

What are guitar modes? Think of guitar modes like spices for your guitar playing. Having them does not mean you have to use them constantly. It is the same with modes, only the outcome is a melody and not necessarily a tasty meal. Take advantage of your spice rack to make different meals from time to time: add a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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