Which Music To Choose: Modern Or Classic? 

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    Music is constantly evolving over time, and why is that? This is mainly due to the influence of the culture and the individuals within it. There are two major branches of music; modern music and classical music. While the two are vastly different from one another, they both have a long-standing impact on the world of art and entertainment. 

Modern Music

     Modern music is a form of music that is contemporary and incorporates many aspects of popular culture. It includes genres such as hip-hop, rock, EDM, world music, and many others. This type of music is usually created and released in the present time, making it much more relevant and up-to-date than classical music. 

     Modern music usually has a much fuller and larger sound compared to classic music. It is because of the use of electronic instruments and production techniques. This is one of the most significant differences between modern music and classical music. Whereas classic music usually relies on musical instruments such as the piano, violin, and guitar, modern music utilizes electronic instruments and audio software such as synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines that create a wide range of sounds. 

     One of the biggest changes in modern music is its production and engineering. Musicians and producers are now able to create tracks digitally, meaning they can quickly experiment with different instruments and sounds to produce unique sounds. This element of modern music gives it an innovation that classic music simply cannot achieve. 

      Modern music is also heavily influenced by the media and marketing. It is a highly commercialized form of art, with songs, videos, and albums often released as promotional material that will generate quick attention and profits for the artist. With modern music, large record labels are also often the ones setting the trends, leading the way for other artists to follow. 

Classic Music

    Classic music, on the other hand, refers to music from classical antiquity, which was largely composed during the period of Ancient Greece and Rome. This includes works from famous composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn. It usually contains themes of grandeur, power, and beauty. 

     Compared to modern music, the production of classical music is much more regulated and traditional. Musical instruments such as the piano, violin, and cello are used to create the music as opposed to the electronic instruments and audio software found in modern music. Classic music is often seen as more sophisticated and delicate due to its intricate composition and delicate instrumentation. 

      The primary difference between modern music and classic music is their purpose. While modern music is usually created as entertainment and can often be catchy and formulaic, classic music is intended to convey greater meaning and emotion with its composition. The pieces often have more substance and are intended to tell a story or evoke a certain emotion or thought.

       In conclusion, modern music and classic music are vastly different. It is different in terms of composition, production, and purpose. Modern music is often created with commercial intentions and relies heavily on electronic instruments and software. Classic music is intended to convey emotions and invoke thoughts beyond the regular parameters of modern music. Both types of music have had a long-standing impact on the entertainment industry and people’s lives alike. Though both forms create experiences that are unique in their own right.

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