5 Ways to Improve Your Internet Speed

We are pretty dependent on our technology and Wi-Fi and it’s not surprising why. We use the internet for practically everything – work, research, communication, education, and even entertainment. It’s hard to imagine a life without it now since it’s become so crucial in our everyday lives. This is exactly why there is often nothing worse than slow Wi-Fi. 

Internet lags or outages can be frustrating, especially if you’re taking an online class or giving an interview on Skype, or even working online from work. You need to make sure that the internet speed that you’ve picked for yourself meets your demands and if it doesn’t, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade or you simply need to switch to a better, more reliable service provider. 

Whatever the case may be, we’d recommend you to switch entirely to Spectrum and we will tell you exactly why, in this article. 

Why Spectrum? 

This internet service provider is one of the largest service providers in the United States and is widely available in 41+ states. This makes Spectrum highly accessible to most Americans and with hundreds of store locations scattered across the whole country, most customers tend to find the ISP very reliable, especially since Spectrum’s customer service is top-notch! 

Spectrum puts special care when it comes to its customers, offering 24/7 support, bilingual customer support teams, and multiple benefits and perks for signing on with the service provider in the first place. For instance, Spectrum operates completely on a contract-free process, where customers are forced to sign extensive contracts that might bind them to processes that they don’t want to be involved in. 

Spectrum also has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy where customers are free to try out Spectrum’s services for an entire month, and if they find those services compatible, then they can continue with the ISP. However, if there are things that customers don’t find compatible, then they’re free to cancel their Spectrum subscription and get a full refund! Hence, it’s always a win-win for the customers. 

Furthermore, Spectrum’s internet, TV, and mobile plans are affordable and quality-driven, making it the perfect service provider to sign up with! Now that it’s been established that everyone needs to switch to Spectrum, here are some fool-proof methods to try if you want to increase your internet speed. 

1. Always Try To Restart 

When in doubt, your first solution should be to restart your Wi-Fi router or modem. 

If you’re noticing that your Wi-Fi speed has been significantly slower than usual, the best thing to do is often the simplest. Restarting your router is the quickest way to shut down all processes, clearing all caches and large files, and your Wi-Fi equipment gets a quick reboot. Make sure that you switch off your chosen Wi-Fi equipment for exactly 30 to 60 seconds. 

2. Change Your Wi-Fi Router Location 

You have to understand that your Wi-Fi signals are limited and so if you’ve placed your Wi-Fi router in a room that is too far away from your wireless device, the internet is going to become slower. 

This is why you need to pay attention to the placement of your Wi-Fi router as it’s important that you place it in a central location inside of your home. This way, the signals will be distributed evenly across the whole house and you’ll get to enjoy a faster internet connection. 

3. Switch Off Other Devices 

It may be possible that your Wi-Fi router is powering too many devices at once, which is why if you’re facing an internet lag, try to switch off a couple of wireless devices. You’ll see an almost immediate spike in your internet connection when you try this method. 

4. Change Your Router 

A typical shelf life of a Wi-Fi router is normally 5 to 6 years, so it is very likely that the reason for your slow internet may be that your router is simply too old and outdated!

There is a simple solution for this and it involves buying a brand-new Wi-Fi router, and if you believe that purchasing a new one is too expensive, you can also rent one as there are endless options in the marketplace! 

5. Time For an Upgrade 

If none of the above-mentioned methods work, then it simply means that it’s time for an upgrade! And by that, we mean a higher-tier internet plan. Perhaps, your online needs aren’t being met with your current internet plan and speed, and so you need an overall better internet plan that’ll improve your experience. 

In Conclusion 

These are a few ways you can improve your internet speed. As you’ve probably already noticed, all of these methods are super simple and easy to do. They don’t take up much of your time and don’t require a professional involved in any way – so, if you’re facing some internet issues as well, try these methods out! 

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