CB Edits Background Png Girl

cb edits background png girl

CB background refers to High-Resolution background images used for editing photos and creating visual effects. Here are some key points about CB background HD full-size.

CB editing backgrounds have become hugely popular for creative photo manipulation and editing. The term “CB” refers to Chetan Bohir, an Indian photographer and photo editor known for his unique editing style using high contrast, and highly saturated backgrounds. CB-style edits have a distinctive look with glowing skin, vibrant colors, creative overlays, and visual effects. Using the right CB background is key to achieving this aesthetic in your edits.

Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

Provide 5-10 tips or tricks for getting great results when using these CB editing backgrounds featuring girls, such as:

  • Recommended photo editing apps like PicsArt or Photoshop
  • Layering images and blending modes
  • Lighting and color adjustments
  • Cropping and positioning the foreground image
  • Adding extra design elements like textures or sparkles
  • Exporting the final edited image

CB stands for Chetan Bhoir

CB backgrounds are named after Indian visual effects artist Chetan Bhoir, who creates and shares these types of backgrounds.

Available in high resolution and full size

CB backgrounds come in resolutions up to 4K and are available in full, uncompressed sizes rather than compressed formats.

What Makes a Good CB Editing Background?

When selecting CB backgrounds, you want images that have:

  • High-resolution (HD or 4K)
  • Vibrant, saturated colors
  • High contrast between foreground and background
  • Interesting textures, shapes, effects
  • Cinematic, atmospheric quality
  • Variety of themes and concepts

Higher resolution allows for more detail, crispness, and the ability to zoom in without losing image quality. The contrast creates separation between the subject and background, while color saturation makes elements pop visually. Textures, lighting effects, and compositional elements take the background beyond just a solid color. This adds interest and depth.

Used for editing and visual effects

CB backgrounds are commonly used by graphic designers, visual effects artists, and photo editors as backdrops when compositing images or adding visual effects.

Features various themes

CB backgrounds come in a wide variety of themes and designs, ranging from abstract patterns to nature scenes to sci-fi landscapes.

cb edits background png girl

Where to Find CB Backgrounds for Photo Editing

There are many sources to find free and premium CB backgrounds to elevate your photo edits:

Background Stocks

Background Stocks1 offers over 300 high-resolution CB backgrounds for free download. They work great with editing apps like PicsArt, Snapseed, Photoshop, and more. Background categories include nature, abstract, textures, anime/manga, flowers, space, technology, and more.

Ashish Edits

The Ashish Edits blog has a collection of over 3000 CB background images sorted by color and style. Downloads are hosted on Google Drive for easy access. Most images are vertical portraits well-suited for editing selfies or full-body shots.


PxFuel is a stock image site with a dedicated section for CB editing backgrounds. They have a wide selection of backgrounds featuring different models, poses, lighting, and color grading styles. All images are free to use without attribution.

YouTube Channels

YouTube channels like Photoshop Tutorials offer free CB backgrounds and overlays to use in your photo edits. These are often created by the channel owners showcasing new styles and trends. Many backgrounds match tutorial videos so you can follow along.

Best Photo Editing Apps for CB Edits

Once you’ve picked your backgrounds, you’ll need a photo editing app to bring your CB vision to life:


PicsArt is one of the most popular apps for creative photo manipulation and edits. They offer hundreds of free CB backgrounds along with tools like layers, masks, drawings, filters, text, and effects. It’s easy to adjust layer blend modes to integrate backgrounds.

Photoshop (Desktop & Mobile)

While complex for beginners, Photoshop remains the most advanced editing software for pros. Both desktop and mobile apps like Photoshop Express allow full control over layers, selections, adjustments, etc. to seamlessly blend background images.

cb edits background png girl


Snapseed from Google offers precise photo editing tools like tune image, brush, HDR, perspective, and more to adjust lighting. The expanded tool helps extend backgrounds for seamless blending behind foreground subjects.

Other Mobile Apps

Some other great mobile apps include Toolwiz Photos, PhotoRoom, and Polish to easily cut out subjects, adjust blending, and add graphic design elements. Many offer both manual tools and automatic background changing.

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