From SoundCloud to Spotify: Downloading Songs from Various Platforms to Your iPhone

Do you remember how you enjoyed music before music streaming was introduced? The time before Spotify and SoundCloud is probably a blur because these applications have made it so much easier to enjoy your favorite music. With their vast music libraries, it is easier to listen to all the old and new tracks in a jiffy. 

However, you may still want to listen to music offline. You might be traveling or don’t want to use your mobile data when you are on the go. No matter the reason, knowing how to download song in iPhone is handy. It will allow you to enjoy music no matter where you are. 

So, let’s explore the different ways to download songs on your iPhone. 

  • SoundCloud 

SoundCloud is a popular music streaming, artist-first platform, and you are probably familiar with it. Downloading songs from this platform means creating an account. Or, if you already have an account, log in. 

Then, you have to search for your favorite tracks. You can make things easier by creating a playlist of all the songs you love listening to. All your desired tunes can be found in the platform’s vast library. 

You have to be a premium subscriber to directly download the tracks from SoundCloud to your iPhone. 

  • Spotify 

You need a Spotify Premium Subscription to download songs from this app. You can create a playlist of your favorite tracks and then organize it before starting the download process. 

The songs can be downloaded for offline listening. But if your iPhone is running out of storage space, you must consider deleting the downloaded tracks, as they might be taking up space. 

  • Apple Music 

Are you an Apple Music subscriber? Once you have finished setting up your account, you can start exploring the music library. You can find songs with artist names or albums. You can download a track by tapping and holding it and then tapping Download. In the same way, you can keep on adding music to your library and enjoy offline listening. 

  • YouTube 

YouTube is one of the popular platforms for watching videos and listening to music. If you are a YouTube Premium member, you can directly save the videos for offline viewing, including music videos. And if you only want to download the song without the video, you can use YouTube-to-MP3 converters. These converters will help you to download MP3 songs to your iPhone by converting the music videos. 

Another option is to become a premium member of YouTube Music. This is the official music streaming application of Google. 

Besides these, you can download music from other sources like third-party music download applications. Tidal, iHeartRadio, and Pandora are some good examples of music apps that allow iPhone users to download their favorite tracks. 

Downloading tunes to your phone turns your iPhone into an MP3 player so you can enjoy listening to your favorite tracks without worrying about connectivity. 

Tips for Managing your Download Music Library 

  • Organize your downloaded music so you can quickly access the songs you want to listen to without any fuss. If all the downloaded files are scattered, it will dampen your music-listening experience. 
  • You can consider creating playlists according to different occasions, activities, and your mood. This will ensure that you have the right songs at your fingertips for whatever you are doing or feeling. For instance, you can have a playlist for working out or commuting to work. 
  • You can sync your music library so all the downloaded songs are available across devices. 

While downloading music to your iPhone, one of the biggest issues you might face is with connectivity. It would be best if you had a stable Internet connection to ensure the download process is completed without any hassle. So, connect to a Wi-Fi connection and finish all your downloads. But if you still run into problems, you may want to check with your ISP if the server is down or find out if the app has any issues. 

The Bottom Line 

Connectivity should not be taken for granted. You might be in an area with low connectivity or on a flight when a sudden urge to listen to music hits you. What do you do? This is where downloaded music comes to your rescue. You can listen to downloaded tunes without an Internet connection. So you can enjoy offline listening. 

Whether you prefer Apple Music, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, or Spotify, the power to download and create an offline music library is at your fingertips. You can bid adieu to buffering! 

Do you have a favorite application or platform from where you download your songs on your iPhone? Share your experience and the steps you use to download songs to help your fellow iPhone users indulge in an engaging music-listening experience. 

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