Williams Brice Stadium Seating Chart

williams brice stadium seating chart

Williams Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina is home to the South Carolina Gamecocks football team. With a capacity of over 80,000, it is one of the largest stadiums in college football. As you look to purchase tickets and plan your visit to a game, understanding the stadium’s layout and seating options is important. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Williams Brice Stadium seating charts.

Overview of Sections and Layout

Williams Brice Stadium features three main seating levels – lower level, upper level, and suite/club level. The lower bowl runs from Sections 1-34, the upper level from Sections 301-323, and premium seating in between. Sections are divided into individual rows, ranging from Row A at the bottom up to Row ZZ on the upper rows of the upper deck.

The Gamecock home sideline runs along Sections 1-9 on the lower level and 301-309 upper level. These sections offer views of the South Carolina team bench area and the primary gameday presentations. Sections 10-18 and 310-318 are corner and end zone sections. Sections 19-34 and 319-323 make up the visitor sideline on the opposite side of the field.

Several club and suite sections sit between the lower and upper levels. These include the Champions Club (201-202), Founders Zone (601-606), new Traditions Club (401-412), and Horseshoe Club (101-109). These premium areas feature amenities like all-inclusive food and drinks, indoor club lounges, and premium seat locations.

Best Seats for Gamecock Fans

For South Carolina home fans looking for the best general admission seats, Sections 3-7 offer prime views of the Gamecocks sideline and midfield on the lower level. Upper-level sections 303-307 align with these lower sections to provide similar viewing angles higher up. These areas also get views of the main scoreboard and gameday presentations directed toward the home sideline.

The first 10-15 rows of the lower level provide the closest views for South Carolina fans. But even upper rows and upper decks offer fairly steep viewing angles to see the action. There are no “bad” seats on the Gamecock home sideline side in terms of viewing the field and action.

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

Visiting team fans are primarily seated in Sections 19-34 on the lower level and 319-323 upper level across the field from the Gamecocks sideline. Of these visitor sections, the seats closest to midfield in Sections 19-20 and 319-320 provide the most centered views of the field.

Section 23 lower level and 323 upper level are designated visitor student sections when opposing teams bring their student fans. Tickets here are reserved for students from the visiting university. Like the home sideline, front rows and lower sections get you closest to the field level. But the upper deck still provides decent elevated sightlines. There are no major obstructions for visitors, so visiting fans can confidently choose seats on their designated side.

Premium Seating Areas

In addition to the general admission seating sections, Williams Brice Stadium offers premium club suites and seating areas for South Carolina fans looking for a luxury experience. Some of the most notable premium spaces include :

Champions Club – Located on the 200 level with access to a climate-controlled indoor lounge with premium amenities and covered outdoor premium seats. This club offers high-end features and great views of the South Carolina sideline near midfield.

2001 Club – Brand new premium club for 2022 located near the South Carolina locker room. Features premium amenities, all-inclusive upscale food and drinks, and indoor and outdoor seating.

Founders Zone – Sideline level club on the South Carolina sideline with exclusive amenities like all-inclusive food and beverage, club lounge access, and premium padded seats outdoors.

Horseshoe Club – Home sideline outdoor club seating located on the 100 level. Features wider, cushioned seats with backs, dedicated concessions, and exclusive club access.

Traditions Club – New 500-level club above the South Carolina lower sidelines that combines premium amenities with unique overhead views above general seating areas. Features club lounge and premium padded outdoor seats.

These premium club areas provide the highest-end amenities, seating, views, and proximity on the Gamecocks home sideline for fans looking for a VIP experience.

Student Sections

The designated South Carolina student section is located in lower level Sections 23-34 in the south end zone. This allows the students to be directly behind the visiting team bench for maximum impact on the opponents.

The band also has seats in Section 23 in front of the student section. This allows the band’s music and performance to energize the students and amplify their impact during the game when directed at the opposing team’s sideline across the field.

Tips for Choosing Seats

When choosing seats at Williams Brice Stadium, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Front rows (A-E) in both lower and upper levels provide the closest views to the field. But you sacrifice some overhead perspective.
  • Lower rows and sections have easier stadium access and exit. Upper areas require climbing stairs/ramps to access.
  • East sideline seats are more shaded, west side gets more sun later in games.
  • Check seat views online through virtual venue tools. Obstructions like handrails and aisles are marked.
  • Corner end zone seats in upper sections can provide unique viewing angles.
  • For premium club suites and seating, purchase directly through the Gamecock Club.

Accessibility and ADA Seating

Williams Brice Stadium offers various handicap and ADA-accessible seating areas for fans needing wheelchair access or other assistance:

  • Elevators to upper levels from the main concourse available in the Southeast and Southwest corners
  • Lower-level wheelchair seating in Sections 6, 16, and 26 with companion seats
  • Upper-level wheelchair seating in Sections 305, 316, and 324 with companion seats
  • Accessible seating for sensory needs is available in section 27
  • Assistive listening devices are provided at Guest Services behind Section 25

Fans can call the South Carolina ticket office at 1-800-472-3267 for disability and ADA accommodation assistance.

Final Thoughts

Whether you bleed Garnet and Black or are just visiting Williams Brice Stadium to cheer on the opposing team, understanding the stadium’s unique layout and seating nuances is key to having the best experience. Maps and visual aids only tell part of the story – this detailed seating guide outlines everything fans need to know from the best seats to accessibility. Now you can find your perfect spot to take in a Gamecocks football Saturday in Columbia!

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