What kind of guitar does Joe Walsh play?

Gibson Les Paul

In this article, we explain “What kind of guitar does Joe Walsh play?”. Joe Walsh is an American rock songwriter, guitarist, and singer. He has played in several bands, including Barnstorm, the James Gang, and a solo career. He started playing guitar at a young age and got prominent in no time. Joe Walsh has also been a member of the Eagles since 1998.

In a short span, he achieved a lot and made a huge fan base among every age group. Most of his followers usually ask, “What kind of guitar does Joe Walsh play?” If you are also eager to know what guitar Joe Walsh uses, then stick to this post, as I am going to unleash your curiosity.

What type of Guitar does Joe Walsh play?

Joe Walsh has only used two types of guitars in his entire career:

In The beginning: Gibson Les Paul

The Gibson Les Paul is an icon in the world of guitars. Joe Walsh was a master at using it. The late Eagles guitarist is known for his live performances, where he would make use of his Gibson Les Paul to produce the sound that has made him famous. Joe Walsh used this guitar in concert and in recording sessions. It was his main guitar during the 1970s when he was part of The James Gang and later as a solo artist.

Many musicians have played Gibson Les Paul Guitars over the years, but Joe Walsh himself has also played it. Its particular models have been used by many artists, including Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. They are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a top-quality electric guitar that will last for decades without any problems.

After Sometime: Fender Stratocaster

Joe Walsh is an influential guitarist in rock music history. He was a member of the James Gang, then he joined the Eagles and made some classic albums with them. He’s also released ten solo records, including his latest at the time of this writing, Analog Man. Joe’s style is all over the map; he can play country, blues, and rock & roll with equal skill and verve.

Joe uses Fender guitars exclusively. His main guitar for many years has been a Stratocaster. For example, he used that guitar on Analog Man and other recent albums. He has also got several different models in his collection, including some from the ’50s and ’60s that he uses for special occasions like recording sessions or live shows.

Joe plays a Fender Stratocaster because it gives him exactly what he wants from an electric guitar – great tone and easy playability. The Stratocaster has been around since 1954 and has undergone several changes, but it remains one of the most popular guitars ever made because of its versatility and sound quality. 

What kind of guitar does Joe Walsh play

Final Words

What kind of guitar does Joe Walsh play? Joe Walsh plays a 5-string Fender Stratocaster. We have all seen him using his beloved one in many of his concerts and gigs. It has been his choice since 1978, but before that, he always used Gibson Les Paul series guitars. Hopefully, you have no doubts after reading this post.

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